Friday, 13 September 2013

funny sms

 Friendship is one time investment and
Life full of rewards, thanks
for depositing

 Your hear in mine friendship bank.
To be disturbed by
the beep of a mobile

 You cannot buy friendship,
you can earn it.
If someone comes for help,
be a true friend!

 We judge ourselves
by what we feel
capable of doing,
while others judge
us by what we
already have done.

 Ability is of little
account without

 As we advance in our life,
we learn the limits of our abilities.

 behind an able man are
always other able man.

 Remember Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift,

There is a big difference between
friendship and a rose... Roses last only
a while... but friendship is for ever.

 No gold or precious stones... give us
happiness and peace, friendship and its
warmth... will bring it to us.

 Friendship are like stars...
you don't see them all the time,
but you know they're there!

 A friendship is always welcome.
Early in the morning or late at night.
Time is of no importance.
When it concerns real friendship!!

 Learn to make the most of life
Loose on happy day. Time can never
bring thee back Chances swept away.

 Leave no tender word unsaid,
Love while life shall last.
The mill will never
turn again,
With water that
has past.

 I can not predict the future........
I can not change the past.............
I have just the present moment..........
I must treat it as my last..............

 ''Don't walk in front of me.
I may not follow
''Dont't  walk behind me
I may not lead
Walk beside me &
be my friend.

 In the sweetness of friendship let there
be laughter and
sharing of pleasure.

Make new friends, but keep the old.
One is silver the
other is gold.

 I would not call myself important but I
am convinced that when I was not born,
everyone would like to know why.

 A true friend is someone who reaches
for your hand and touches your heart.

 The times we shared are
like shooting star.
the time is short but
really beautiful moments.
Forever engraved in our hearts.
friends forever!!!

 Happy shabay Barat to you.
May this night be a
beautiful blend, Full of
blessing till morning,
joy & pleasure of life.
Have a great blessing.

 A special wish on Eid moon.
O'God May life's most pleasant.

 On your birthday, May sweet surprises
bubble your day over with lots
of fun, laughter n joy!

 Anger is only
one letter short of danger.
If someone betrays you once,
it is has fault;
If he betrays you twice,
it is your fault.

Great minds discuss ideas;
A verage minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

Wat u see as truth
wat u see as lives remember
that true friendship never dies
although we may change
& drift apart, ill always
value u deep within my heart!

 A friend is never a
coincidence in your life,
they are meant to enter
your life to bring you
joy and laughter.
So, I will treasure the
friendship between us.

 As long as we have memories;
Yesterday remains;
as long as we have hope,
tomorrow awaits.
As long as we have friendship,
each day is never a waste.

 GOD is so wise that
he never created FRIENDS
with price tags,
Because....if He did,
I can't afford a precious
FRIEND like YOU!!!

 The test of friendship
dosn't Comes
when y r 2Gether.
It comes when
u parT wa Ys &
u Realize that despite
the dIs thanCe,
the friendship
is till the re....

is like a tree...
It is not MEASURED
on how TALL
it could be,
but is on how DEEP the ROOTS

 In this WORLD,
Where everything seems
Only one thing is DEFINITE.
You'll always be my FRIEND,
Beyond WORDS,
beyond TIME &
beyond DISTANCE!

 ''They sit alone together
and never say a word,
and yet walk away
with feeling that they
had the best conversation.

 Friendship is a quiet
walk in the park with
the one you trust
Love is when you feel
like you are the only
two around.

Islamic sms

some unrefusable .

some unrefusable facts of 2day,s world

2day we have bigger houses but small families.
 more degree but less common sense.

advanced medicines butpoor health.

touched moon but not contact with neighbor.

high income but less peace of mind.

b,coz v beleave on ALLAH but not obey him.

 A good word.
A good word is like a good
tree whose root is firmly fixed
and whose top is in the sky-Quran.

 7 rules to b happy,
1) Never hate
2) Don't worry
3) Live simple
4) Expect a little
5) Give a lot
6) Always smile
7) And keep in touch with ALLAH....

 Do men think.
Do men think that they will
be left alone on saying,
''We believe'' and that they
will not be tested?

 The holy month.
The holy month of  Ramadan,
For all Muslims has begun.
Praising Allah through the day,
From dawn to dusk we fast and pray.
We pay zakah ( charity) for those in
need, Trying hard to do good deeds.

careful if u mak a woman cry, Becoz
Allah counts her tears-*-A woman wz
creatd frm a  mans rib ( Adam). Not frm
his feet 2b walkd on, not frm his head
2b superior over, but frm his side 2b
equal. Under the arm to be protected,
and next to heart 2b loved.

 The Prophet .
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
never expressed disapproval of food;
 if he desired it he ate it and if he disliked it he left it alone.

(Bukhari, Muslim).

The strong man .
The strong man is not the good wrestler;
 the strong man is only the one
 who controls himself when he is angry.

(Bukhari, Muslim).

Allah completed the.

When Allah completed the creation,

 He wrote in His book which is with him on his thorne,
My Mercy overpowers My Anger.


Friend I have.
Friend I have a
special iftar 4u
A Glass of Care
A Plate of Love
A Spoon of Peace
A Fork of Trust
And a Bowl of Prayers
Enjoy Your iftar.

A faithful believer to a faithful believer
is like the bricks of a wall, enforcing each other.

 Never a weaknes.
Never a weakness that
He can't fill,
Never a weakness that
He can't fill,
Never a sickness that
He can't heal,
Never a sorrow that
He dsn't share,
Moment by moment-you are
under GOD's care,.

Breathing in it praises the Almighty,
 and your sleeping adores him.
Your voluntary acts of worship are accepted,
and your pleas are answered.

 Muharram Sms:
GOD’s love has no limit

GOD’s grace has no measure

GOD’s power knows no boundaries

May U have GOD’s endless blessing 2day

& forever!


 For everything there is a purification zakat,
 and the purification of bodies is the fast.

 The excess on the mouth of one
who fasts is better in the sight of Allah
 than the sweet smell of musk.

 The person who fasts enjoys the
gardens of Paradise and the angels keep
praying for him till he breaks his fast.

A believer stands during a portion of the
 night to perform additional optional prayers,
 then he wakes up fasting,
no sin will be recorded against him.

And let not your hand be tied.
( like a miser)
And let not your hand be tied
( like a miser)
to your neck, nor stretch it forth to its
utmost reach ( like a spendthrift).

 And take a provision .
And take a provision ( with you ) for the
journey, And take a provision ( with you)
for the journey, but the best provision is
al-taqwa ( plety, righteousness)

 And whosoever fears.
Allah and keeps his duty And
whosoever fears Allah
and keeps his duty to Him,
He will make a way for him
to get out
( from every difficulty).

 And whosoever puts his trust in Allah,
And whosoever puts his trust in Allah,
then He will suffice him.

 By no means shall you attain.
al-birr ( righteousness)
By no means shall you attain al-birr
( righteousness) until you spend ( in
Allah ,s cause ) of that which you love.

Whoever sees the new moon of Ramadhan should recite the following Dua.
 Lord of the worlds O Allah let the new moon bring us, peace and faith safety.

Each breath you take glorifies him;
your sleep is worship,
your deeds are accepted and your supplications are answered in the month of

Ask Allah,
Your Lord;
to give you a sound body and an enlightened heart so you may be able to fast
 and recite his book.

O People!
 One who gives iftaar to a fasting person during this month will be like one who
 has freed someone and his past sins will be forgiven.