Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Always try to understand rather than compromise

Always try to understand rather than compromise. Compromise makes the person unsatisfied.understanding empowers the relationship.Gud mrng..
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Neither can u hug urself

Neither can u hug urself..
Nor can u cry on ur own shoulders.
LIFE is all about Living for one another,
So Live wit Those who Love u the Most.

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There is a force in you

There is a force in you that is more powerful than the negative people,circumstances or environment you find yourself. Make a conscious deliberate effort to keep your mind above all the toxic conversations,attitudes and stressful atmosphere surrounding you. Guard your mind by immersing yourself in positive words, scriptures, music; as well as self-affirming healing conversations that will drown out the negative voices within your own mind. Watch my you-tube videos daily,they will empower you and give you the inner strength and inspiration to grow through whatever you are up against. Create a ritual of prayer, meditation, exercise, yoga, tai-chi, volunteering of your time, or whatever methods you can use that will protect you from the drama, emotional vampires, and energy drainers that will try to rob you of your peace.
There is a Presence within you where you can find joy, comfort, and inner strength to give you the capacity to handle whatever you are facing.You Deserve

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View your life with kindsight

View your life with kindsight. Stop beating yourself up about things from your past. Instead of slapping your forehead and asking, ‘What was I thinking?’ breathe and ask yourself the kinder question: ‘What was I learning?
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Urgently Required

-to restore the current between people that do not speak to each other anymore
-to change the outlook of people
An ARTIST draw a smile on everyone’s face
.to build peace
A GARDENER cultivate good thoughts
& lastly…
..for all of us to relearn how to count on each other

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Possibility or Impossibility doesnt depend

Possibility or Impossibility doesnt depend
on the size of our GOAL but on the size of
our FAITH..
So always keep FAITH 2 make everything possible!!!
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Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness

Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.
Laugh when you can, apologize when you should,
and let go of what you can’t change

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Haters don’t really hate u

FACT: Haters don’t really hate u, in fact
they hate themselves because you are
a reflection of what they wish to be..

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