Friday, 13 September 2013

informative sms

 Smile: A curve that can set a
lot of things straight.

 Office: A place where you can relax
after your strenuous home life.

Dhamyal jail ordered 999
Shirts and 1000 pants
for its inmates.
Tell why this odd combination ?
Answer : Bcoz Shaan is
coming and he hardly
wear Shirts!!!

 Do you know the similarity between?
''Dinosaurs'' & ''Decent Girls?'' Answer:
Both don't exist on earth!!!

 The confidant stood up in the clock
and said to the judge don't recognize
this court''. Why? asked the judge,
''Because you have had it decorated
since the lest time I was here.''

 Something are made for each other
Eg : Shoe and socks, soap and water
paper and pen Shirt and pant
Me and YOU.

 Well, Mrs. Maria,
I've got some good news
for you .it 's nit Mrs. Maria.
In that case I've got
some bad news fir you.

Yawn: A The only time some
married men ever ever get to
open their mouth.

Committee: Individuals who can do
nothing individually and sit to decide
that nothing can be
done together.

 Experience: The name men
give to their mistakes.

 A girl asked her friend why are you
wearing a wedding ring in the wrong
finger? The other answered To
show other that I was married to the
wrong person.''

 Old lady: Doctor I've got
a pain in my left leg
Doctor (after examining her):
It's caused by old age.
Old lady: Nonsense. My right
leg is all right and it's
as old as the left leg.

 A proud mother telephoned a
newspaper to announced she had give
birth to eight children. The line was
bad and the telephones did not hear
the message. Would you repeat that'
She asked Not if I can help it
''said the mother.

 It is easier to fight for
principles than to live up
to them.

 Teacher : Why are you late ? Student.
Because of the sign Teacher, What
sign ? Student. Ahead Go slow.

 Atom Bomb: An invention to
end all inventions.

 Father: A banker
provided by nature.

Always laugh at your self first
before others do.

Anyone cam make a mistake
but a fool insists on repeating it.

Everything looks
impossible to those who
never try.

 Be bold in what you stand
for and be care ful in
what you fall for.

 How a person masters his life is more
important than what his
fate us.

 Criminal : A guy no different from
the rest....except that
he got caught.

 Boss : Someone who is early when
you are late and late when
you are early.

 Politician : One who shakes your
hand before elections and your
Confidence after.

 Doctor : A person who kills your ills
by pills, and kills you with
his bills.

Someone asked me about ur age,
well i said...... the way u
dress up look like 19 ur
skin-15 ur smile-17,
ur all in all 67 yrs!!

 Why don't people
stop on red signal?
Red color stands for danger
When the red signal is on they
think there must be some danger
around so they run away
with out wasting any time.

 The human brain is most
outstanding thing.........
it functions 24hrs 365 days......

 It functions right from
the time u r born.....
until you fall in love.

 The husband leaned over
made a wish and
threw in a penny.
The wife decided to
make a wish too
Much fell into the well
and drowned
The husband was
for a while
but then smiled
''It really Works!''

 When you see a friend/colleague with
evidently shorter hair......
Stupid Question:
Hey have you had a haircut?
Answer :
No its autumn and
I'm shedding.

 At the dentist when
he's sticking pointed
objects in your mouth.....
Stupid question :
Tell me if it hurts?
Answer :
No it won't
It will just bleed.

 U found a Jin a bottle & he said 2 u
Name me ur wish n u said make me
gorgeous...he replied i grant
wishes, not miracles!!

 God dat He gave u one more day to
live,n den take a bath so dat
others can live.......

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